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siafast discs - the powerful net-backed abrasive

Product Ref: 6397.0967.0080 | Brand: Sia

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£19.72 inc. VAT

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Sanding is a must-do in any paint or coating project. It is essential for giving your work an amazing smooth finish. To make sanding faster and effortless, we recommend power tools over manual sanding. Random Orbital Sanding is highly recommended for aggressive sanding due to its proclivity for removing a lot of material.

Choosing the correct abrasive for the job is also important.

The special net structure of 7900 sianet enables dust-free sanding with the highest abrasive performance. It offers full-surface dust extraction, high removal rate without clogging, very efficient and productive sanding and a high tear resistance, thanks to sturdy net backing.


  • Best dust extraction rates
  • High performance for stock removal
  • Minimal clogging
  • Long lifetime
  • No dependence on hole system
  • High tear resistance, thanks to sturdy net backing


Sanding off rusted parts

Sanding off old varnish, paints and stains

Sanding off old paint and varnish

Sanding off raised wooden fibres

Sanding floorboards

Sanding wooden terraces and pool surrounds

Sanding off brittle or poorly adhesive paints

Keying or sanding surfaces

Keying smoothed surfaces

Keying surfaces for better paint adhesion

Sanding out uneven areas such as scratches or marks

Fine sanding of surfaces

Flatting uneven areas


Acrylic lacquer

Old lacquer

Primer filler


Dry wall lining board

Priming foil

Primer coat


Resinous wood

HDF board

Melamine sheet

Technical Info

Grit Type:

Blue-fired/white aluminium oxide

Grit Range:

80-240; 320; 400-600


Knitted fabric




Resin over resin



Ensure you have the correct PPE for sanding. We recommend disposable FFP2 Face Masks, as they provide optimum protection from airborne particles such as dust, mist and fumes. FFP2 Masks are suitable for plastering and sanding. Wear eye protections such as safety glasses and goggles to prevent flying debris from sanding. Wear Safety Gloves when using power tools such as sanders and grinders.

Ensure you have the correct backing pad and/or disc saver for the Sianet sanding disc.


Sianet discs are hook and loop and have abrasive-material backing similar to Velcro. The backing pads have microscopic hooks on their surface, while the hook and loop discs have corresponding tiny loops on their backings.

To attach the Sianet disc to your sander, face your sander upside down and place the surface of the disc on the backing pad and press both surfaces together. Ensure all holes are aligned for extraction. Peel back whenever you want to change the disc.


Please dispose of the abrasive material correctly. Please seek local advice for dealing with this material.


It is important to understand when using abrasives to check whether your full system is suitable for the task in hand. We are able to advise you on sanding equipment and materials to achieve the perfect finish. Please click the contact us button for advice.


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