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Fast Drying, Formaldehyde Free 2K Acid Cat Clear Topcoat in Different Sheens

Product Ref: 2050-023101-38 | Brand: Akzo Nobel

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£88.20 exc. VAT

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Akzo Nobel’s name is synonymous with quality and their formaldehyde-free (FF) Duracid range of Acid Catalysed curing paints and lacquers is the perfect choice for interior furnishings. Completely free of formaldehyde and isocyanates, the range is a brilliant wood finishing for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and children’s playrooms.

FF not only benefits the customer’s interior furnishings, they are also safer for employees working in the spray shop environment and provide a quality similar to conventional Acid Cat and 2K PUR technology. Moving to formaldehyde-free Acid Cat technology provides a benefit to sprayers and customers alike.

D-T260 Clear Topcoat is low odour, moderate yellowing, formaldehyde-free and available in three sheens. It is applied using conventional spray systems (Spray application Airmix/Airless, Spray application high/low pressure, Curtain coater) and has an extremely long pot life of five days. It is catalysed 10:1 with HAC6404 and thinned with TAC9400-M. It has excellent adhesion to all woods, MDF and Fibreboards and ideal on interior, furniture, cabinets and building products. It conforms to EN 717-1 (E1) Formaldehyde Release Classification E1 Release ≤ 0.124 mg/m3 air.


  • No smell for the end user
  • Non-yellowing
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Excellent stacking properties
  • 5 day pot-life
  • Excellent adhesion

Mixing Procedure:

Part A

Part B


Weight (Kg)

D-T260 100

HAC6404 10

TAC9400-M 10


Conventional Spray with 1.8mm Tip, Air Mix Spray, Airless Spray or Curtain Coater


Maximum 110g/m²

Number of Coats:

Maximum 3

Drying Times @ 20°C




1 Hours

3 Hours

Pot Life:

5 Days

Technical Info


32 ± 2

Viscosity @ 23°C:

50 - 60 s (DIN CUP 4 MM)

VOC Content:

645 g/l



For best results, we suggest preparing the surface using 240-320 grit stearate abrasives as they provide a higher efficiency than conventional. Ensure the surface is completely clean of dust and debris before coating.


Conventional Spray with 1.8mm Tip, Air Mix Spray, Airless Spray or Curtain Coater.

With good drying conditions and air circulation (20°C), a good build can be achieved with two to three coats of 110 g/m² with an interval of 60 minutes in between. Under these circumstances, the substrate can be sanded after 1 hour. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to longer drying times, but it is possible to speed up drying using heated ovens.


Due to the high chemical resistance of D-T260 Topcoat, the packaging used does not usually cause problems. We recommend high-density polythene. PVC or Pluriball are not suitable.


Akzo Nobel TAC9402-S Thinner for slower drying speed.


It is important to understand when using an Acid Catalysed Coatings to check whether your full system is appropriate. IWC are able to advise you on spray equipment and materials to achieve the perfect finish. Please click the contact us button for advice.


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