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SAYERLACK TH0775 PU Hardener

SAYERLACK TH0775 PU Hardener

Faster Drying Clear Two-Pack Polyurethane Hardener

Product Ref: TH0775/00-3 | Brand: Sayerlack

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£35.88 exc. VAT

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TH0775/00 is the faster drying hardener for Sayerlack TU0001/00 and TZ36**/00. It gives excellent non-yellowing properties and a fast drying speed. It will reduce the product hiding power.


  • Fast Drying Speed
  • Non-yellowing
  • For Clear PU Basecoats and Topcoats

Mixing Procedure:

Part A

Part B



Part A

Part B


Weight (Kg)

TU0001/00 100

TH0775/00 50

DT1150/00 20


TZ36**/00 100

TH0775/00 50

DT1150/00 20

Shelf Life:

24 Months

Technical Info


28 ± 1

Gravity (kg/l):

0,950 ± 0,030

VOC Content:

689 g/l



Mixing Paints and Lacquers can be messy as well as dangerous to your health and the environment. It is important to protect yourself with the following when mixing Polyurethane Coatings.

  • Nitrile gloves - to protect your hands
  • Coveralls - to protect your skin and clothing
  • Eye Goggles - to protect the eyes from splashes and vapours
  • Suitable FFP3 Face Mask for breathing

Ensure you are organised with your tools and equipment to hand. You will need to mix the paint in a flat, well-ventilated, enclosed workspace such as a workbench. The key is to prevent particulates contaminating the paint and ensure there is ample ventilation.


Read the technical data sheet and adhere to the correct mixing ratio. We recommend the following materials:

  • Supercup for paint mixing
  • Paint stirrers

Inspect the pre-marked mixing Supercup for dust and debris. Wipe it out if necessary. Find the 2:1 ratio markers on the container; pour in the paint. Using a paint stirrer, mix the paint to blend the pigments fully. Using the 2:1 ratio markers as a guide, pour in the desired amount of thinner. Mix the paint and thinner together for several minutes, making sure the consistency is uniform.


Only empty containers may be recycled. Dispose of material residues according to local regulations.


It is important to understand when using a Polyurethane Coatings to check whether your full system is appropriate. IWC are able to advise you on spray equipment and materials to achieve the perfect finish. Please click the contact us button for advice.


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