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Mirka Abranet Ace HD Discs

Mirka Abranet Ace HD Discs 125mm 40 Grit

Mirka Abranet Ace HD is ideal for carrying out quick sanding works for heavy-duty applications

Product Ref: AH23202540 | Brand: Mirka

£34.96 inc. VAT RRP £0.00



Abranet Ace HD has been specifically developed to efficiently tackle the most demanding surface conditioning and repair applications. Abranet HD uses a nylon mesh backing material (in contrast to paper) to create a more flexible and more consistent abrasive surface. This not only means it has excellent resistance to edge wear and clogging, it lasts significantly longer too.


  • Ceramic grain - extra tough and durable
  • High resistance to wear and tear
  • Ideal for heavy duty stock removal
  • New and improved mesh backing
  • Significantly speeds up process times

Technical Info

Technical Information

Diameter125mm, 150mm
ApplicationWood, Lacquers, Stripping
Bonding AgentResin Over Resin
GrainCeramic/Ceramic coated
BackingPA net




Grit TypeFromToDescription
Coarse4080Coarse grits are a good choice for rough sanding and removing stock quickly, such as sanding the edge of a sticking door with a belt sander.
Medium100150Medium grits makes a good starting point for most projects, from sanding unfinished wood to removing old varnish.
Fine180240Finer grits are great for removing the scratches left by coarser grits on unfinished wood and for lightly sanding between coats of paint.
Very Fine320600Very fine grits are used for light sanding between coats of finish and to sand metal and other hard surfaces.
Polishing10003000Ultra fine grit is used in on juction with polishing creams to create high gloss paint and lacquer finishes.


Mirka Abranet Ace HD discs are suitable for all types of applications:

  • Hardwoods

  • Mild steel/carbon steel

  • Non-ferrous metal

  • Paint sanding

  • Lacquers

  • Plastics

  • Solid surface

  • Stainless steel

  • Steel

  • Copper alloys / brass / bronze

  • Glass fibre

Compatable Machinery

AEG Models

EXE 460 - 150, ROS 150 E, EX 150 E

Atlas Models

ROS 150 E, LST 21 R625, LST 21, R650, LST 22 R625, LST 22 R650, LST31 H90-15, LST31 S90-15, LST32 H090-15, LST32, S090-15, LST 22 R625-9, G2438-6.5N Pro, G2438-6.5I Pro, G2438-6.3I Pro, G2438-6.10I Pro, G2438-6.5C Pro, G2438-6.3N Pro, G2438-6.3C Pro, G2438-6.10N Pro, G2438-6.10C, Pro, G2438-10Velcro6 Pro, LST 22, R650-9

Bosch Models

PEX 15 AE, GEX 150 AE, GEX 150, AC/E, GEX 150 Turbo, PEX 420 AE

DeWalt Models

ES 56 E, ES 56 EK, DW443, D 26410

Fein Models

X 1107 VE

Felisatti Models

TP 521/AS, TP 521/E, TP 522 AS/CE, RGF 150/600 E

Flex Models

X 1107 VE, XS 1107 VE

Hilti Models

WFE 150, WFE 380, WFE 450 E

Hitachi Models

SAY 150 A

Kres Models

900 MPS, 900 HEX /2

Mafel Models

UT 150 E, UX 150 E

Metabo Models

SX E 425 XL, SX E 450 Duo, SXE 450 TURBOTEC,

Milwaukee Models

ROS 150 E, PRX 150 E

Pro Tool Models

ESP 150 E

Stayer Models

RO 150 E, LRT 150

Wegoma Models

RX 91 C, RT188N, RTE46L, RTE146L

EC, SX E 425, SXE 325 INTEC

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