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Waterbased, Environmental Solution and Ideal for Flat Parts.

Product Ref: AU0474/13-6 | Brand: Sayerlack

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£50.07 exc. VAT

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Beautiful stylish results are important when coating furniture. The Sayerlack Hydroplus water-based range can be used to produce finishes that are indistinguishable in quality, strength and chemical resistance as two-pack polyurethane finishes. Sayerlack is at the forefront of waterbased technology that is conscientious about the wellbeing of people and the environment. AU0474 is a premium two-pack, waterbased, pigmented primer designed for minimal grain raising on interior joinery onto MDF and Masonite substrates such as Flat Surfaces, Frames, Baseboards and Doors . It is available in White and Black for spraying under darker colours and can also be used as a single pack product.

As a 1K product, it has high pigment and solids content, excellent filling properties, ensures a consistent colour even at high film thicknesses. If it is catalysed with 2% of AH1550/00 it will give the primer good elasticity and an even higher covering power. It is the ideal product for all MDF and Masonite substrates with a flat geometry such as Doors, Baseboards and Frames. Spray using a conventional gun, airmix system or airless system. It is fast drying and a smooth finish achieved in two coats and if a higher build is required, a third coat can be applied. It comes ready to use and can be catalysed with 2% of AH1550/00 and thinned using water if necessary.


  • Ideal for use on MDF & Masonite
  • Available in White or Black
  • Made with Bio-renewable Sources
  • High solids and superb filling power
  • Can we used as 1K or 2K
  • Fast Drying
  • Can be used under Sayerlack Hydroplus Pigmented Topcoats
Mixing Procedure:


Part A

Part B

Weight (Kg)


AU0474/** 100

AH1550/00 2



Conventional Spray, Air Mix Spray, or Airless Spray




Maximum 200g/m²


Number of Coats:


Maximum 3


Drying Times @ 20°C


Dust Free

Touch Dry




1 Hour

2 Hours

12 Hours



Minimum 4 Hours




Minimum 12 Hours


Pot Life:


3 Hours



Technical Info


56 ± 1

Gravity (kg/l):

1,365 ± 0,030

Viscosity @ 20°C:

White 40 ± 8 (DIN 6)

Black 30 ± 2 (DIN 6)

VOC Content:

47 g/l



For best results, we suggest preparing the surface using 240-320 grit stearate abrasives as they provide a higher efficiency than conventional. Ensure the surface is completely clean of dust and debris before coating.


With good drying conditions and air circulation (20°C), a good build on closed pore or semi-closed pore can be achieved with two coats of 80-140 g/m² with an interval of 2 hours in between, in good drying conditions and with air circulation (at 20°C and with 65% of relative humidity). Under these circumstances, the substrate can be sanded after 3-4 hours. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity can lead to longer drying times, but it is possible to speed up drying using heated ovens. When a higher build is required, a third coat can be applied, but the waiting time is extended to at least 4 hours and sanding can take place after 6-8 hours.


Sayerlack AU0474/** Primer can be over coated with any pigmented Waterbased Topcoats such as Sayerlack AT99**/XX.



It is important to understand when using a Polyurethane Coatings to check whether your full system is appropriate. IWC are able to advise you on spray equipment and materials to achieve the perfect finish. Please click the contact us button for advice.


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